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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Queen, Pedagogy and Robotics

The Queen may think that Pedagogy (earning A using scientific/“mystic” algorithms) and Meditation (analysing information to the same degree as the human mind and being filled with God’s knowledge/love) is possible for robots by working on 10 breasonings (an A in itself) per breasoning in the original A for Pedagogy and analysing information while walking, communicating or experimenting e.g. dotting a lecturer on to have help with a question or analysing a computer program or building your own computer as a way of understanding hardware for Meditation, where As (A grade assignments proving one’s mettle are composed of breasonings) are the functional syncytium in meditation.
This came from EQUEN (philosophical anagram) “equals enough” – The Queen would like enough X, where X is enough breasonings in Pedagogy and X is enough As in Meditation.
P.S. This means school robots could act as “calculator” brains, where implants could allow faster synthesis of A-grade information, speeding evolution and provide the outputs of meditation, e.g. steps needed to reach your goal, and building your own robot like becoming immortal, even with space travel involved. How can spiritual elements that make one famous (a “green” thing that make a dead famous academic appear clearly) be simulated? Perhaps teaching Gods how to program computers, e.g. Turing Machines is how to form these things, called technologies.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


A including three synthesis As (4n + 1 breasonings, where n = breasonings from essay = 28 and there are three breasdostonings following the first breasoning (1 + 3 = 4), which repeats (= 4n), then finishes with the last breasoning from the essay = 4n + 1), for a total of 110 breasonings per essay. Often University essay omit the first three breasdostonings between the quote and comment, both paraphrased from the essay, and replace the second three breasdostonings with a simple transition between successive comments.

Breasdostoning - three breasonings, or steps that connect two breasonings in a "story".

Breasonings - a sentence with an object named and dimensions measured, seehttp://lucianspedagogy.blogspot.com.au/2008/02/breasoning.html

Paragraph structure - A well-written paragraph has a topic sentence before the structure of quotes, comments and connections mentioned here, followed by a conclusion sentence.http://lucianspedagogy.blogspot.com.au/2012/12/paragraph-structure-paraphrase-quotes.html

--- Answers in lectures. When earned, there are characters eating my bon fruits.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

1 or 69 As in a publishable PhD article

NB: Read Danger from not doing full As yourself before this post.

A publishable PhD article needs 69 As (including 2n +49 = 2*10 + 49 As, where n = 10 "ideas" in the essay, and 2n + 49 includes n ideas, n - 1 "idea connections" and 50 duplicates of a "big synthesis" collection of 100 of these breasonings) to ensure it can be published, alternatively 1 A, if you can find a means of "duplicating" the A 50 times necessary to reach "product" standard without doing it yourself, by asking Heads of State to do it for you, employing others to do it for you, or praying.
Note: the student as employee should write the first 10 breasonings per A, and the student as manager should write the last 90 of every 10 As, expecting the rest to be completed "pro-rata". If you wouldn't like to do any work at all, you can pray for a "specific A" on your topic.
Note: the figure n = 10 used in the above example was drawn from a scene called "Pedagogy X" in my play, in which 10 algorithms, each of which have a "specific A" of from 10-100 breasonings, connected by 9 "connective As", where "A", an A grade essay that shows the idea connects with ideas with the same number of As, is an examination of the topic specifically described.
To avoid doing more than one A to deserve A for an article, prevent "big ideas" using the argument you shouldn't do unnecessary work:
PhD articles should be "cutting edge", which can be achieved by developing on current cutting edge research chosen from articles in your field, e.g. "Philosophy of Language" for the topic "How many levels away do synonyms change meaning?" in "Computational English":

Learn how to write a "breasoning", the functional unit of an A, which is an object in a sentence, described by it's x, y and z dimensions, visualised by thinking of how it is removed from a blue cloth removed fom a test tube, symbolising how it is involved in an algorithm, or step-by-step action:

Monday, April 29, 2013

Abracadabra Lyrics

On the theme of Lucian's Pedagogy:

You can be a star.
You can be saved.
I hope you have fun.
Clean test tubes to find things out.
Think of two uses for roles,
Future, two types, to teach me-
-ditation, fifty groups of
five X, Y, Zs in five seconds.

Will save your life.
You are a star.
Just feel free.
Will save your life.
You are a star.
Just feel free.

Lucian’s Pedagogy
Helps earn one hundred percent.
One ninety X, Y, Zs,
Subject touches the object,
Judge the subject and object,
Which room and part of room?
Direction, what time to pre-
-pare, time to do, time to stop?

Will save your life.
You are a star.
Just feel free.
Will save your life.
You are a star.
Just feel free.

Eighty Lucian mantras,
Sixty Green sutras,
Lucian, Lucian,
Green, Green.
Eighty Lucian mantras,
Sixty Green sutras,
Lucian, Lucian,
Green, Green.

Will save your life.
You are a star.
Just feel free.
Will save your life.
You are a star.
Just feel free.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The University Error

If a lecturer finds out you are enrolled in a different University degree from the one you are currently studying (i.e. not a double degree), then he or she will fail you, often resulting in cancellation of that degree, hence a meaning associated with the name “Uni-” (“one”) “versity”.

To prevent the effects of the University Error, one should "remove" the following counter (with the dimensions 0.01 m, 0.01 m and 0.005 m) and the text (with each letter's dimensions 0.01 m, 0.025 m and 0.0005 m) "x anyway" from the “blue cloth”, which is the professor algorithm (http://lucianspedagogy.blogspot.com.au/2012/02/first-class-degrees.html).

Friday, February 22, 2013

Correct Journal Article Format

The correct journal format uses the "top comment" (main conclusion for the paragraph described in) Synthesis and Breasdostonings, or in fact a number of these connected together in the way described in the same article, not the bicyclical cliques or circles described earlier.

Friday, February 15, 2013

The Power of Prayer

Pray ten times to find out each of the questions and answers on exams.  Breason these out afterwards and write them down.
You can also pray to find out perfect philosophy sentences after breasoning out and connecting five secondary text quotes in a circle with five breasdostonings, then thinking of a relevant central link from the circle to your argument.
You can also pray to find out perfect pop song lyrics and melodies, etc. after finding out the lyrics, then the melody and rhythm for these lyrics from a cosmologist, then finding out a “Top 40” melody based on this melody from a local Top 40 pop radio station.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Professor by writing Philosophy texts

One should write primary and secondary texts at Professor standard (first, by Honours-PhD, then) according to:
- Primary school brain development stages’ effect on language ability
- simple steps quantifiable in br etc from Certificate I, Certificate II etc.
VET sector:
Breason out a possible answer to each question (instead of the question, a line in the secondary text) and first person’s 10-br’ful comment on it (and all lines’ links in essay are brstoned out and stored on a “system”).
- Brstone links bw secondary text lines
- 10 br for first student’s of each essay comments
Use professors’ secondary texts only
Br - breason out (think of the X Y and Z dimension of an object)
Brstone - breasdostone out (think of an action's 3 sub-actions)

Miracle: Have the Quality of Life you would like by Dealing with Famous Areas of Study (Big Ideas) correctly

Have the Quality of Life you would like by having up to 50 Famous Areas of Study (referred to as Big Ideas as a joke) done for you, rather than by you when you complete an education institution A as part of an assignment. This is done by first meditating on 80 lucian mantras and 80 green sutras that day, then the following, followed by putting through the A for the idea above by breasoning out (thinking of the following X, Y and Z dimensions in metres of the following objects): bottle (0.04, 0.04, 0.4), cork (0.01, 0.01, 0.04), [think of pop, liquid, gas], 2 x {button to indicate the following text is interesting (0.01, 0.01, 0.005), breasonings for text (0.01, 0.015, 0.0001), [text: I am interested in H1.]}, person (0.5, 0.3, 1.8), name badge (0.04, 0.002, 0.01), model plane (0.2, 0.2, 0.1), wing aileron (0.01, 0.005, 0.001), elevator touching tail (0.01, 0.005, 0.001), fin (0.001, 0.005, 0.01):
Putting through an A for the idea above with a "negatable pressure cup appearance", in other words negatably but in a way that is protected by meditation, placing a medical question on oneself (thinking of a dental drill, the medical question and a conclusion).
Breason out an A. This is less negatable and is unnecessary.

Chemistry, Biology pracs

Brbrstone out lab reports for 100%
Also do with essays and humanities essays (br 85 reason mindmap and br, brstone assignment).
Essays (Science, Humanities)
Sacrifice instead of x x see Pedagogy below (-big ideas/famous areas of study
- secondary texts
o own 5 written)
o research, connect 5 sources together for essay
Science non-essays
Sacrifice instead of x x see Pedagogy below (primary text breasoning list only)
Dot on each sentence of a secondary text to have others write more of them.
20 connections in an essay on an area of study, either:
detailed reasoning (5 levels of reasons for each of 5 reasons in an essay), or
breasdostoning (3 parts of an action for each of 5 reasons in an essay)
– primary text with 110 breasonings, essay bred, brstoned out.
Big Ideas/Famous Areas of Study can be put through with original As, NOT business As, otherwise you WON'T earn A.
- chooses topics of famous secondary literary books from a lecturer’s list
Give A (10 br) to top academic’s child’s idea for all your areas of study.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Independent School

Dot on 5 As in a high quality way (5 As with 10 developed things each with an A, individually breasoned out) to earn a job as a teacher in an independent secondary school.


For each Nietzschean A (for a song, philosophy, program or movie), each of the 15-20 high quality objects found out (to connect with future famousness) need a business A (recording of the Anarchy Quiz) to make it work.


Honours – journal articles (link positive versions of ideas in bicyclical pentaclique, see Study tricks summary) and big ideas
Masters – dot on others’ As
PhD – Monastic As (Ags, A grade assignments) to help others

New computer science of philosophy theories

- computer language (that is the simplest combination of) Prolog and graphics including ontologies to control robots, 2 parts going well together for graphics - mind simulation, "love is..." - psychology algorithms, e.g. decision "lemma", synoreason finder to find most important idea - machine language for prolog, e.g. optimization of machine language - Education algorirthm systems, linked systems - robots for children - identify hardware changes in brain, e.g. when can aurally split up words - single connection point with history - connect with combination of 5 endpoints of cutting edge research on less general subject than topic that you are studying e.g. philosophy of language studied to write on computational english topic - high-level - own secondary texts with 5 As worth of material to write on own topic, with - content- each paragraph should be the combination of 5 ideas from previously published secondary texts.- connections between robots, draw their algorithms from Plato
FAQ- combine ideas from published secondary texts before writing own Nietzschean-style secondary text idea- connect the aforementioned combination to an objection to one's own secondary text idea

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Amendment to Summary

Essay marks


80% - 85 breasonings
90% - 80% of 85 breasonings covered by synthesis = 68 breasonings, 68-1 connections in 68 breasoning argument = 67 connections, 85 + 67 + 5 paragraph arguments (link: Q5)  = 157 breasonings
100% - 2 * 67 interconnections between the breasonings and connections = 134 interconnections, 157 + 134 = 271 breasonings


Synthesis – a.k.a. critique, 5 paragraphs, each with quotes connected and interconnected by breasdostonings (see Synthesis and Breasdostonings), each of which is summarised by a single breasoning (see Breasoning).


Upasana – argument: detailed dreasonings (acting out function of objects)

Primary Text

1. I ate the chocolate periwinkle from the plastic shell (representing a map legend).

Secondary Text

From Primary Text 1.
1. I found the table on the map legend.
2. An inhabitant from a country placed money in a safe in a safe to give to his friend. (A richer country gave money to a poorer country by sending money across a border indicated by a map legend.)

From Secondary Text 1-2.
1. I placed the model table in the box. (This is an artificial intelligence setting.)

100% Synthesis
From Secondary Text 1, Synthesis 1.
1. I placed the setting on the table. (I placed the glass on the table.)
From Secondary Text 2, Synthesis 1.
2. I placed the box in the setting. (I sat on the box seat.)


80% - 85 breasonings
90% - 99 breasonings
100% - 110 breasonings

Monday, January 7, 2013


As well as having completed the primary text brainstorm and breasoned out the assignment, and including the requirements of lower marks, earn the following marks by:

80% – find out how many big ideas - as a joke (famous areas of study) have been indicated by the lecturer, decide how many to create, each creating a production or a song, before breasoning out that number of assignments, pretending to say “It’s you” to the lecturer if you can’t complete the rest.  It is sometimes not necessary to know about the big idea/famous area of study to earn 80+%, which you can earn by breasoning out the assignment.
90%– Synthesis of own area of study own secondary text brainstorm and synthesis of 80% of these brainstorm items completed.
100% - Area of study about this synthesistwo uses to time to finish (breasonings details) applied to all parts of the synthesis.

Dot on (outer) space for undeveloped lecturers to cover 90+% requirements, because space can be in all assignments with high marks x.  This might not work, so think of own secondary text brainstorm and synthesis of 80% of these brainstorm items for all assignments instead because developed and undeveloped lecturers’ subjects (i.e. in writing each of their own secondary text brainstorm and synthesis of 80% of these brainstorm items) are mixed together from first year to PhD level.

Dot on 10 high quality breasonings during and from the first lecture to have As completed for you by the lecturer. Also, breason out your best attempt at an A also with two uses to time to finish (breasonings details).

Table: Marks allocated for completed sections.
Big Idea (Sometimes Necessary), 85 Breasonings Per Argument

Synthesis of Own Area of Study
Breasonings Details Applied to Own Area of Study