Welcome to Lucian's Pedagogy.

This site contains information to help you understand the marking process in humanities, creative arts and science essays.

Please read the Table of Contents (Welcome!) . To earn A, (in an assignment, to have a healthy baby or use 50 As to earn a job) please visit the Anarchy Quiz.


Welcome to Lucian's Pedagogy.
Please read the following pages to train you in the school and University systems.  Note: I have broken down the pages into groups for you.
1.  Introduction - Broad overview of the site, with an introduction to essay writing.
2. Writing Sentences By Making Distinctions Between Objects - Learn how to write the simplest possible sentences for understanding by a marker. 
3. Writing Links Between Reasons and Main Conclusions - Learn how to structure a paragraph and link to the main conclusion.
4. Other Requirements -  Mind-maps (brain-storms) are usually required by teachers and lecturers, at least in the drafting stage.  Also marking schemes for humanities and creative arts and science and a detailed reasoning technique (5 level-deep reasoning) to test that reasons are included.
5. After reading the most important information, above, you are welcome to read the rest of Lucian's Pedagogy.
Please note: if you have any questions or feedback, or would like a refund, please contact Lucian.

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