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Friday, January 25, 2013

Independent School

Dot on 5 As in a high quality way (5 As with 10 developed things each with an A, individually breasoned out) to earn a job as a teacher in an independent secondary school.


For each Nietzschean A (for a song, philosophy, program or movie), each of the 15-20 high quality objects found out (to connect with future famousness) need a business A (recording of the Anarchy Quiz) to make it work.


Honours – journal articles (link positive versions of ideas in bicyclical pentaclique, see Study tricks summary) and big ideas
Masters – dot on others’ As
PhD – Monastic As (Ags, A grade assignments) to help others

New computer science of philosophy theories

- computer language (that is the simplest combination of) Prolog and graphics including ontologies to control robots, 2 parts going well together for graphics - mind simulation, "love is..." - psychology algorithms, e.g. decision "lemma", synoreason finder to find most important idea - machine language for prolog, e.g. optimization of machine language - Education algorirthm systems, linked systems - robots for children - identify hardware changes in brain, e.g. when can aurally split up words - single connection point with history - connect with combination of 5 endpoints of cutting edge research on less general subject than topic that you are studying e.g. philosophy of language studied to write on computational english topic - high-level - own secondary texts with 5 As worth of material to write on own topic, with - content- each paragraph should be the combination of 5 ideas from previously published secondary texts.- connections between robots, draw their algorithms from Plato
FAQ- combine ideas from published secondary texts before writing own Nietzschean-style secondary text idea- connect the aforementioned combination to an objection to one's own secondary text idea

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Amendment to Summary

Essay marks


80% - 85 breasonings
90% - 80% of 85 breasonings covered by synthesis = 68 breasonings, 68-1 connections in 68 breasoning argument = 67 connections, 85 + 67 + 5 paragraph arguments (link: Q5)  = 157 breasonings
100% - 2 * 67 interconnections between the breasonings and connections = 134 interconnections, 157 + 134 = 271 breasonings


Synthesis – a.k.a. critique, 5 paragraphs, each with quotes connected and interconnected by breasdostonings (see Synthesis and Breasdostonings), each of which is summarised by a single breasoning (see Breasoning).


Upasana – argument: detailed dreasonings (acting out function of objects)

Primary Text

1. I ate the chocolate periwinkle from the plastic shell (representing a map legend).

Secondary Text

From Primary Text 1.
1. I found the table on the map legend.
2. An inhabitant from a country placed money in a safe in a safe to give to his friend. (A richer country gave money to a poorer country by sending money across a border indicated by a map legend.)

From Secondary Text 1-2.
1. I placed the model table in the box. (This is an artificial intelligence setting.)

100% Synthesis
From Secondary Text 1, Synthesis 1.
1. I placed the setting on the table. (I placed the glass on the table.)
From Secondary Text 2, Synthesis 1.
2. I placed the box in the setting. (I sat on the box seat.)


80% - 85 breasonings
90% - 99 breasonings
100% - 110 breasonings

Monday, January 7, 2013


As well as having completed the primary text brainstorm and breasoned out the assignment, and including the requirements of lower marks, earn the following marks by:

80% – find out how many big ideas - as a joke (famous areas of study) have been indicated by the lecturer, decide how many to create, each creating a production or a song, before breasoning out that number of assignments, pretending to say “It’s you” to the lecturer if you can’t complete the rest.  It is sometimes not necessary to know about the big idea/famous area of study to earn 80+%, which you can earn by breasoning out the assignment.
90%– Synthesis of own area of study own secondary text brainstorm and synthesis of 80% of these brainstorm items completed.
100% - Area of study about this synthesistwo uses to time to finish (breasonings details) applied to all parts of the synthesis.

Dot on (outer) space for undeveloped lecturers to cover 90+% requirements, because space can be in all assignments with high marks x.  This might not work, so think of own secondary text brainstorm and synthesis of 80% of these brainstorm items for all assignments instead because developed and undeveloped lecturers’ subjects (i.e. in writing each of their own secondary text brainstorm and synthesis of 80% of these brainstorm items) are mixed together from first year to PhD level.

Dot on 10 high quality breasonings during and from the first lecture to have As completed for you by the lecturer. Also, breason out your best attempt at an A also with two uses to time to finish (breasonings details).

Table: Marks allocated for completed sections.
Big Idea (Sometimes Necessary), 85 Breasonings Per Argument

Synthesis of Own Area of Study
Breasonings Details Applied to Own Area of Study