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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Chemistry, Biology pracs

Brbrstone out lab reports for 100%
Also do with essays and humanities essays (br 85 reason mindmap and br, brstone assignment).
Essays (Science, Humanities)
Sacrifice instead of x x see Pedagogy below (-big ideas/famous areas of study
- secondary texts
o own 5 written)
o research, connect 5 sources together for essay
Science non-essays
Sacrifice instead of x x see Pedagogy below (primary text breasoning list only)
Dot on each sentence of a secondary text to have others write more of them.
20 connections in an essay on an area of study, either:
detailed reasoning (5 levels of reasons for each of 5 reasons in an essay), or
breasdostoning (3 parts of an action for each of 5 reasons in an essay)
– primary text with 110 breasonings, essay bred, brstoned out.
Big Ideas/Famous Areas of Study can be put through with original As, NOT business As, otherwise you WON'T earn A.
- chooses topics of famous secondary literary books from a lecturer’s list
Give A (10 br) to top academic’s child’s idea for all your areas of study.

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