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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Professor by writing Philosophy texts

One should write primary and secondary texts at Professor standard (first, by Honours-PhD, then) according to:
- Primary school brain development stages’ effect on language ability
- simple steps quantifiable in br etc from Certificate I, Certificate II etc.
VET sector:
Breason out a possible answer to each question (instead of the question, a line in the secondary text) and first person’s 10-br’ful comment on it (and all lines’ links in essay are brstoned out and stored on a “system”).
- Brstone links bw secondary text lines
- 10 br for first student’s of each essay comments
Use professors’ secondary texts only
Br - breason out (think of the X Y and Z dimension of an object)
Brstone - breasdostone out (think of an action's 3 sub-actions)

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