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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Seen-as version

Write a sample essay, with an exposition in the first half and a critique in the second half. The critique should be written about a room, with 5 paragraphs, each about an object. Write a paragraph in which each object mentioned at the end of one sentence is mentioned at the start of the next sentence.
Break down the action of the object into smaller paths. An object on a path is described using the ideas from Rebreasoning. Once a single pair of objects and their 'on' relationship has been described, it can be repeated for other objects. For example, write overarching sentences about each of the objects in the room, and write a series of sentences on how the hand moves from writing one letter in the overarching sentences to the next.
e.g. 'I' is on ' '. ' ' is on 's'.