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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Royal Society

Explore each of 100 examples of an argument for a conclusion, for example a philosophical implication of William Harvey's discovery of the blood was the geometrisation of nature.

Friday, October 8, 2010

A and B Diagram

Figure 1. Both A and B have an exposition and critique, which are breasoned out (the x, y and z dimensions of the objects in sentences with algorithmic verbs). In addition, A has detailed reasoning and a mindmap, which are rebreasoned out (the subject touches the object). Note, both A and B have essays which agree and disagree, one at a time.

See also:
Breasoning - Think of the x, y, z dimensions and colour of each object.
Rebreasoning - Think of the fact that the person and the object in a sentence are connected by a verb (an action) that means they touch.
Marking Scheme - Description of Exposition and Critique in the Humanities.
Detailed Reasoning - Each reason in the essay should be checked using this technique for ample marks.
Mindmap - Brainstorm or "mind-map" ideas for your essay.