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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Synthesis and Breasdostonings

The synthesis of your own area of study needed for 90% and above in Honours and above needs:

Breasdonings - examples of an idea.
Breasdostonings - general groups of actions with 3 breasonings or actions (from money – why it is useful, body – how to manipulate the object using the body and computers, and computers - how the object works, represented by stones) proving that the group is a good argument by exploring all the important parts.
Breasoning - a sentence describing an action in which the object’s part’s X, Y and Z dimensions have been thought of, to differentiate that object from other objects.

Paragraph part structure
Quote 1 – in essay
Breasdostoning 1 – connecting Quote 1 and Quote 2, not in essay
Quote 2 as comment 1– in essay
Simple connection between comment 1 and comment 2 (in the next part of the paragraph).

The paragraph parts, connected by connections should be in a hierarchy to earn the marks for paragraph structure.
Main arguments for paragraphs should connect to the top comment in the hierarchy, and be from departments directly thought of from the comment.

Optionally, include only the breasdoning (instead of the quote) and breasdostoning when writing an original argument.  To do this, increase each breasdostoning with 2 uses, future and 2 types. link

For an example of this:


136-103 The Good Life and Science

Week 3
A scientist’s cognitive and moral responsibilities are shown by the history of the space industry, which aims to test life in microgravity and prepare for colonies and space-tourism.
The space industry required a number of technologies, problems with which could cause a nightmare in space, so should be prevented in the following ways.
In order to develop rocketry to leave the atmosphere slaves died during production of the rockets, and there were deaths from rockets coming down in populated areas.  Paid labour could have been used, and launches could have been made well out of populated zones.
Because the lack of fresh food and physiological effects someone should not volunteer for extended space flight given.  To prevent this, astronauts should take counter-measures, e.g. take supplements in case food supplies lost their nutritional value.
Space toilets may cause problems if managed badly.  There may be problem with disposal of space sewage, and deadly hygiene problems if one ran out of plastic bags for urine.  To prevent this, emergency bags for urine should be taken on missions.
There may be problems with landing if tiles came off from badly planned launches (foam hitting the spacecraft) causing burn-up during re-entry to the atmosphere.  To prevent this, the tiles should be fixed on well, and the foam should be prevented from touching the craft during launch by stacking it in an orderly way.
Because of limited oxygen due to an emergency someone should sacrifice himself or herself, however enough air should be provided for mission and emergency time.

Word count: 256

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