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Friday, January 25, 2013

New computer science of philosophy theories

- computer language (that is the simplest combination of) Prolog and graphics including ontologies to control robots, 2 parts going well together for graphics - mind simulation, "love is..." - psychology algorithms, e.g. decision "lemma", synoreason finder to find most important idea - machine language for prolog, e.g. optimization of machine language - Education algorirthm systems, linked systems - robots for children - identify hardware changes in brain, e.g. when can aurally split up words - single connection point with history - connect with combination of 5 endpoints of cutting edge research on less general subject than topic that you are studying e.g. philosophy of language studied to write on computational english topic - high-level - own secondary texts with 5 As worth of material to write on own topic, with - content- each paragraph should be the combination of 5 ideas from previously published secondary texts.- connections between robots, draw their algorithms from Plato
FAQ- combine ideas from published secondary texts before writing own Nietzschean-style secondary text idea- connect the aforementioned combination to an objection to one's own secondary text idea

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