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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Get in touch with God about Breasonings Details to earn H1

Before doing the following, dot it on twice (once for you and once for God) by:
- The first step in “dotting” anything on requires thinking of a professor thinking of a pathway for a breasoning (an action on an object) in relation to that object, where a certain number of breasonings form part of an A-grade argument, by moving a cotton swab along a pathway from inside a clean, dry test tube.
- Pretend the cotton part of the test tube system is the counter to be breasoned out.
- Breason out the counter (visualise it as being measured by the dimensions 10 cm, 10 cm, 5 cm).
- As part of visualising the breasoning, pretend to remove the blue dots from the ground below the object to make sure the counter is “pure” by “asking” that the dots should to be removed, then checking that this is done.
- This removal of impurities can also be done while pretending to untouch a foam blue strip from another strip, meaning the dots are “lifted” away.
- Take the counter “off” it’s “on” status by repeating the untouching step, this time to remove it from view.
* Realise that as soon as this is done, the God/Maharishi character is helped enough, not too much, which dots it on for him in a high quality way.
* * *
Explain the Pedagogical ways of thinking or Breasonings Details to a God with at least 5000 meditators, before breasoning out an H1 during an unbroken sequence of days during which meditation to that God is performed on each day. If there is a break in the meditation days, the Breasonings Details need to be re-explained to God.
Then explain: To earn A (80%), one should write 85 reasons using the breasoning rules (5 exposition + 5 critique + 25 detailed reasoning + 50 mind map), to earn A+ (90%), one should write 130 reasons (10 reasons each with 9 reasons supporting them, and 2 breathsoning and 1 rebreathsoning reasons supporting 3 of these), to earn 100%, one should write 190 reasons (10 reasons each with 9 reasons supporting them, 2 breathsoning and 1 rebreathsoning reasons supporting 3 of these and 3 space tests and 3 time tests’ reasons supporting 6 of the 9 reasons).
Once this is done, repeat the sutra "Upasana" for 40 minutes per day for one month after paying to learn the mantra and sutra. NB. If you have already done this, omit this step.

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